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Create, join, & monetize your communities all in one place


Create, join, & monetize your communities all in one place

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Is Backspace free?

Backspace is 100% free to use.

Some communities may charge for their exclusive content if they wish, this usually results in a higher quality experience.

How is Backspace different than other community based apps?

Backspace is a community based platform focused on high-quality and value based content.

We prioritize community interaction over mindless scrolling on other social media platforms.

Backspace was also made for communities by communities. We built the app and it's feature set with all types of communities at mind, not just gaming or workplace centric communities.

Our simple and easy to use interface allows for the app to be used by all!

Is Backspace available across all devices?

Backspace is available on all devices, you can download the app here or use it directly in your browser here

Can I create my own community?

You sure can!

It's also 100% free.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in a community?

No, we currently don't have a limit on how large or small a community can be. However the community host is able to set limits to the number of member in their communities.

Is there a limit to how many communities I am able to join?

Nope, You can join as many communities as you wish!

How do we monetize our groups?

We allow you to apply paywalls and different tiers to your exclusive channels within your communities.

What types of paywalls are available

You can choose from a variety of paywalls, from a simple one time payment to monthly recurring subscriptions.

You can also allow exclusive entry to users that hold a specific or even your NFT.

We are also working on allowing you to have games that your superfans can compete in for free entries.

The possibilities are endless, and we are always adding more features for your communities.

How much will this cost us?

We're free to use!

If you choose to use any of the paywalls that a require payment transaction, we charge a small processing fee per transaction.

Will monetization upset our community?

We've seen communities drastically improve in quality and reduce in spam after adding paywalls,

Overall resulting in happier communities!

Can we pay moderators and admins?

Yup! On the withdraw tab you can select admins and moderators and allow them to get a profit split when you cash out.

How does the NFT gateway work?

The NFT gateway works just the same as the payment gateway. You can set tiers and only allow access to NFT holders after they verify ownership.

What Our Users are Saying