All-in-One Online Community Platform

Despite having a huge following on social media platforms, many content creators struggle to make money online. Not having multiple recurring income streams is the biggest culprit. Not until they discover Backspace. 

Backspace is an online community platform designed to help content creators and businesses connect with their audiences and sell their products. Content creators no longer need to rely solely on paid views and brand collaboration. They can now self-monetize their own community. 

Backspace allows you to create free and paid communities in just one location. For your clients, having everything under one roof means that they don't have to log in to separate platforms. Everything your audience needs is at their fingertips with a single click.

You can post content, share updates, and interact with everyone by commenting and reacting to their posts through our platform. With this, you’ll get more interactions with your audience, making it easier for you to connect with them and one another. 

As your online community expands, you'll have the freedom to establish as many plans and subscription tiers as possible. Additionally, you can create content and courses exclusive to paid members only. Our platform accommodates both paid and free membership. As your business and community grow, you won’t have to move to a new place. 

Of course, Backspace is also an excellent platform for solopreneurs and business owners. With our platform, you can build a customer community around your products and services. Plus, you can use your online community as customer support and a  tool to increase your brand’s visibility.  A whopping 64% of consumers want companies to engage with them, and your online community might be an ideal setting for this.

The traditional and common way of building an online community takes a lot of steps and effort. Content creators build their audience and following on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Afterward, they use free massaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram or upsell a paid chat on Discord, wherein they ask their members to purchase their items using Stripe or Paypal. 

Brands and creators cannot thrive on these platforms because they lack the necessary resources. Luckily, there’s Backspace. It serves as a one-stop shop for joining, creating, and managing communities. A gateway and a paywall were put in place between the free and paid rooms so that users could get into the community of their choice.

Having an online community should not feel like a burden. Online communities should make people feel safe and have fun. As a creator, you can achieve this by using moderation tools. Backspace allows you to block and remove members and content that breaches your terms of service and ensures the safety of your community members. 

Another good thing about our platform is that you no longer need to connect third-party software to use its features. Backspace is an excellent option for content creators and brands that require content management systems and paid community tiers. 

Backspace was built to meet all the requirements to create a good online community. Try Backspace now to see whether it's right for you.

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