Why are Online Communities Growing?

Authentic and meaningful interactions are what we want as human beings. We find ways to be a part of the world around us, whether through face-to-face conversations with close friends or online connections based on shared interests.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been using social media more recently to feel more connected with one another and close the gap that has been pushed upon us.

Online communities have risen to the challenge of combating social media's negative impacts, causing many to turn to this new form of social interaction as their primary way of communication and connection.

Before we delve deeper into the reasons and factors behind the growth of online communities, let us have a look at the statistics

Online Communities Statistics 

Online communities help people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, encouraging them to be active and involved.

Brands and businesses may also use them to promote their products and services to customers who are more likely to invest in what they are interested in.

The Rise of Online Communities

  • Internet users join online communities at a rate of 76%. According to a study, people participate in online communities, including blogs, forums, and vlogs.

  • A Forrester research indicated that 60% of organizations own a branded online community.

  • Online communities are more common in larger organizations than smaller ones; only 40% of small businesses have their own.

People-Oriented Communities 

  • Seven out of ten internet users who have not been to online communities recently are at least somewhat familiar with these platforms, which climbs to 77 percent for Generation Y and Z.

  • In an August 2017 Statista study, 71% of respondents said they had been offended by social media postings, comments, or images, leading them to join online communities instead. 

  • Online communities (48 percent) and traditional news sources (51 percent) are the two most trusted sources of information for Generation Z in the United States. 

  • According to the study, 27.3 percent of buyers use online communities while making internet purchasing decisions or researching a product or service.

Engagement in Online Communities 

  • Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, online community participation has increased by 81%.

  • 82 percent of online community visitors indicated they would support brands that participate in communities: consumers want to engage with the brand community, and 4/5 are ready to become a part of them immediately.

  • Because they believe they may have more relevant and interesting conversations in an online community, 36 percent of users choose online communities.

Why are Online Communities Growing in 2022?

Online communities are becoming popular, which is likely to continue through 2022, for many different reasons. 

Online communities have become more accessible

As a result of the rise of online communities, social media sites are no longer the exclusive domain of giant businesses and brands. Online communities have been in demand for a long time but were not able to get enough attention compared to today. We have an online community platform like Backspace that makes building and accessing an online community easier. 

Get immediate feedback 

There is no better way to collect customer feedback than from people talking about your products and services in an online forum. With an online community, you can receive immediate positive and constructive feedback, as well as ideas for development. 

Help you identify market opportunities

Online communities can assist you in gathering market research if you are unsure who your target audience is.

You might have customers who buy your goods and then complain that it does not live up to their expectations on your discussion forum. Even though this could reflect your interests, it could also be a mismatch between your target audience and your promotion. Reading and analyzing the comments will reveal this.

Collecting demographic information at sign-up is another way to discover who is using and enjoying your product.

Create brand awareness 

Brand ambassadors are clients or customers so fascinated with your brand that they take it upon themselves to promote your products and services whenever possible.

Online community members already familiar with your product or service will be drawn to become brand ambassadors for you. If you do not already have any, ask around; chances are, someone in your network can point you in the right direction.

Increase business revenue 

If you have an online community, you can set up various membership tiers, each of which can have its associated price. Each tier would have access to a unique level of special content that could only be accessed by paying for a membership. This will surely help increase your business revenue. 

Backspace is the ideal platform to build your online community if you are on a tight budget. Our tools and features are accessible for free and paid plans. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your project and devise a strategy for creating your ideal online community.

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