13 Best Discord Alternatives You Should Try

Team members can communicate in real-time using voice and text chat apps like Discord. Professionals, content creators, and gamers already collaborate and exchange information via voice and text chat apps. However, people look for Discord alternatives because of server raids, chat bombardment, or users participating in harassment.

In addition to being extremely user-friendly, Discord consumes very little bandwidth, has a privacy policy league, and can be downloaded for free. It has effectively branched out from a gaming audience to other types of users. 

Meanwhile, complications may arise and bring their own set of problems. There is no denying that using Discord is a delight. At least for the most part. This is not to say that the platform does not periodically throw you a Discord error that you will have to search on Google how to fix. 

Errors like this are enough to put you off using the platform and make you want to switch to a platform that does not require you to constantly fix or solve technical issues. 

Do not worry! We got you covered. We have compiled a list of the best Discord alternatives, complete with in-depth analyses of each one’s best features. With these new platforms, you may connect with your friends, followers, and coworkers in various ways. 

13 Best Discord Alternatives

Team Speak 

The first of our Discord alternatives is TeamSpeak. It is a VOIP platform that you might wish to consider utilizing in the future. The application provides crystal clear sound, a high-security policy, and lag-free performance when chatting with your team.

Individual users have complete control over their servers, which is one of the many reasons TeamSpeak is such a helpful platform. Nobody has access to your personal information.

For real-time communication with teammates, TeamSpeak is the best option available.

Troop Messenger 

Troop Messenger is a simple communication solution for small, medium, and large-sized teams. Unlike other Discord alternatives, Troop Messenger does not limit its searchable communication history. This feature allows team members to send and respond to messages in real-time. 

Compared to traditional information-sharing tools like email, instant messaging saves time and improves productivity and decision-making. For future reference, all communications are recorded. It also makes it possible to hold a virtual conference without getting the entire team physically together in one spot.


Chanty is a chat and task management app for teams of all sizes. It allows you to communicate with your team via text, voice, and video messages. Chanty lets you manage all of your deliverables from one location, allowing you to turn messages into tasks and distribute them to your team members.

Plus, you may integrate Chanty with third-party apps such as Trello, Asana, and Zapier to increase productivity. 


Another Discord alternative is Slack.  Slack, as it is, is a place where work and communication are effortlessly integrated.

An easy-to-use interface allows teams to communicate in groups called channels or one-on-one via personal messaging. Slack has revolutionized how remote teams communicate, making it a must-have for all.


Instant messaging app Telegram provides a secure platform with a wide range of functionality.

Many people use Telegram because it is an open-source platform that works on various devices. Plus, the platform's open-source nature ensures that client-side data is safe.


You can use HeySpace, a free task, and simple project management software, to collaborate with your team members. Using it, you get the best of both worlds: project management software and a communication tool all rolled into one. 

With its features and tools, numerous teams, including Blitzmetrics, Arizona State University, Wondersauce, and others, are already utilizing it as an effective Discord alternative.


Mumble is the next app on our list of Discord alternatives. It is a high-quality voice chat platform that is free and open source. It is meant to be used while playing games like Discord.

It is similar in concept to Discord, but it is a completely distinct platform. One of the most notable differences is the absence of browser support.


Flock provides a platform for modern teams to collaborate and communicate effectively with features like team messaging, project management, and other essential tools. 

You can use Flock instead of Discord if you are looking for an alternative to organizing information, messages, and files in a single spot. As a result, you will not have to move between different programs in an inconvenient and clunky way!

Steam Chat 

You can use Steam Chat instead of Discord to communicate with your gaming friends. The new Steam UI is precisely like Discord's, making it an excellent Discord alternative. In both Steam and Discord, users can join one voice channel at a time and converse with others in real-time.


nTask is another excellent application on our list; despite its relative obscurity, it is one of the best tools for working with distributed teams.

It is an all-in-one job or task management solution beyond the simple organization tools. It provides solutions for all of your team’s requirements, including tools that facilitate cooperation among members of different teams, management of tasks, scheduling of meetings and projects, and more.

Even while it is a tool for managing projects, it may also be used for facilitating virtual teamwork and communication between different groups.


In addition to Slack and other Discord alternatives, Wire is a good option for video calls and conferences. Wire makes it simple to share screens and have lag-free phone calls.

Users can also set up channels or groups for specialized purposes, with the option of encrypting the channels or groups for added security.


Another open-source tool for team communication is Rocket.Chat. As an alternative to Discord, Rocket.Chat can be an effective tool for team collaboration, even if its capabilities are not identical to Discord's.

Your tools and touchpoints can be centrally located on one platform, making it easier to keep the flow of your workflow going.


To help content creators and businesses interact with their customers and audience, Backspace is an online community platform that allows them to do just that. 

Backspace is the best Discord alternative that lets you create both free and paid communities in one place. Users do not have to log into several platforms because everything is located under one roof. With a simple click, your audience has access to everything they need.

In addition to posting information, you can comment and respond to other people's postings on our platform. Make it easy to connect with your audience and each other by using this method of communication.

With a growing online community, you will be able to offer a greater variety of plans and subscription levels. Members-only content and courses are an additional feature. Our platform is open to both paid and free users. You will not have to relocate as your business and community thrive.

That is all, then! Those are our picks for the best 13 Discord alternatives. You can select one of these platforms for your team to enable the kind of remote collaboration and communication that suits your needs best. It is wise to try them out before opting to buy a plan.

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