Largest Paid Online Communities of 2022

An increasing number of organizations and businesses have either begun to plan for or have already started developing an online community. 

In 2022, online communities will continue to grow as businesses explore new methods to connect and cooperate with consumers, colleagues, and peers. 56% of professionals feel that the pandemic has made their organization's leadership see community as more important.

It is predicted that this year, businesses that can move beyond simply providing products and services but instead develop strong communities will have an enormous competitive edge.

Here is the list of the largest paid online communities that might inspire you:

Female Founders

Female Founders is a women-only community designed to support female entrepreneurs and businesses. It is a place where you can talk to other startup founders about your ideas, difficulties, and fears.

In exchange for a one-time fee of $30, you will get access to a network of successful female company entrepreneurs eager to share their wisdom with you.

Startup Deals 

Using Startup Deals, you can save money on time-saving applications. This is a valuable resource for business owners, startups, and content creators.

Exclusive discounts for HubSpot, Intercom, and Skillshare are just a few offers. New discounts are always being added.

A one-time payment of $29 gives you access to offers worth $68,874 for life. With around 200 live, redeemable discounts in sales, marketing, design, and customer service, you can operate your business more effectively without draining your pocket.

Tech London 

Startups, investors, design companies, and freelancers are part of the Tech London online community. 

Marketing, recruiting, and fundraising are just a few tech-related topics you might get involved in.

£1 membership fee is required to join Tech London and access unique material and discussions. 

Traffic Think Tank 

Mastermind courses and live online training sessions are available for SEO marketing in this online community.

In addition to on-page SEO training and keyword research for cohorts, they also provide link-building instruction for beginners to advanced users. There is always new content that is only available to members.

It was designed to help you improve your SEO abilities, build your network, and advance your career. Use it to ask specific questions and have SEO geeks respond with actionable recommendations.


When it comes to connecting with other remote employees, Remotive is an excellent online community. Those looking for remote work or newcomers to the field can get assistance, remote team leaders can share productivity suggestions, and businesses can post openings for remote positions.

Remotive is perfect for everyone who works remotely or plans to do so in the future.


Workfrom, a Virtual Cafe for remote employees, has launched an online community called Remotekind to foster a sense of community among them. This is a great place for professionals from all walks of life to connect and clock in every day.

The goal of Remotekind is to make remote work more human by promoting small talk and inside jokes during coffee breaks. 


Nomadlist helps remote professionals and digital nomads locate the most delicate areas to live. An unlimited list of cities may be filtered by characteristics such as cost of living, internet speed, safety, and even how well the residents speak English.

A job board, a discussion forum, and a calendar are all included, as a premium online community with active moderators. More than 11,000 digital nomads are part of it.

Build Your Online Community with Backspace 

Regardless of your interests, you can instantly build and monetize your online community on Backspace. We will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to kick start your journey as a content creator. 

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